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2016 was a great year for us as a business, so we thought it’d be a good way to start off 2017 by discussing some of our biggest achievements from the last year, and also to discuss some important challenges coming up in the next 12 months (sorry it’s a couple of weeks into the year, we’ve been busy working on the bar and brewing so we can keep up with you lot – you nearly drank us dry over Christmas!).


…so, what happened in 2016?

All the way back when we were still recovering from New Year’s Eve 2015, our year started with a bit of a bang when we came to an agreement with Café Football to brew their house beer! We’ve been providing them with a steady supply of kegs and bottles ever since, and as we’re practically a stone’s throw away from Old Trafford, it’s always great to drop off a delivery so close to where it’s brewed knowing it’s going down well!

Next up, back in March, we started on our biggest, most challenging, and scariest project to date (at the time! The BEERHOUSE surpassed it and then some, but more on that later), opening up our company to crowdfunding investment. We were very hopeful of achieving our ambitious targets (for those of you who weren’t paying attention that was 200,000 big ones!), but we honestly had no idea what would happen… After a lot of work and effort on everyone’s behalf we achieved and then surpassed our original target in August! Hitting this target set us up to expand much more quickly than we ever hoped, and we’re firmly on track with our plans for 2017 using the funds raised (more on them below)! Investors, you know who you are, thank you so so much! It means more than you could know that you believed in us and our business, and we’re stoked to share our future with you all!

In the summer, whilst everyone else was enjoying those lovely long nights (and an ice-cold beer or two… or three), we were scratching our collective heads about how we could get the most out of our current unit and space. We were getting to the point where we really needed to expand, but had a number of options which all made sense. After some soul searching we settled on taking out another unit nearby to act as our cold store and warehouse. This has proved essential ever since, as it acts as our ingredients and sales stock store, and can be set to the perfect ambient temperature for  both, so you get our beer at the absolute best it can be! At the same time, we also took delivery of 3 new fermentation vessels, and 2 conditioning tanks, which has made our keg, can and bottled beers easier to produce, but also much closer to the taste we wanted from each them! July proved to be a very busy month, because it was also the first time we ever put our first beer (IPA) in cans. Ever since then they have been one of our best-selling products!

Our final, and biggest achievement (dwarfing crowd funding, which we never thought we’d say) of last year was finally getting our BEERHOUSE  (@sevenbro7hersmcr) open in Ancoats! It took many, many months of planning, meetings and negotiations (not to mention weeks of backbreaking labour) to get it in shape, but we finally did it and opened it up to you all in December! We’ve got so many plans for what we can do with the space, so keep your eyes peeled on the bar’s twitter account for updates throughout 2017 and beyond!

Beerhouse Logo

… which leads me very nicely on to what’s happening in 2017 for our brewery and the rest of the business! We’ve got some big things to come in the coming months, and we’re really excited to get going with it all!

First up, sometime in the next 6 – 8 weeks, we’ll be taking delivery of our new brew house and fermentation tanks, which will double our brew capacity and tank storage! Not only will this help us make better beer, but it’ll also mean we can make significantly more of it, meaning that you should always be able to find a pint or can of the good stuff! What it also means is that we’ll have more capacity to work on expanding our range or beers, and allow us to work on speciality and one off brews! We’ve had our thinking caps on for a while, and we’ve got some very ambitious plans for our brew schedule in the next 12 months, so watch out for special, small-scale trial batches on our #trialtap at the BEERHOUSE, and some exciting can releases to come!

Our other big news is that now we have the taste for running a bar, we’re eager to start looking for another! We’ve nothing in place yet, but the hunt has already begun for a second location to further expand and allow more people to taste our beer!

Hopefully that gives you a flavour of what’s to come from us all in 2017, and on behalf of everyone at SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWERY and BEERHOUSE we can’t wait to get started!


Guy, Keith, Luke, Dan, Nat, Kit, Greg

P.s. If you’re ever passing the BEERHOUSE, make sure you come in and say hello, the chances are pretty good that there’ll be a BRO7HER in there to have a beer and a chat with!