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What is session ale?

If you’ve had your fair share of craft ales and lagers, you’ll likely be familiar with the word ’session’. It pops up on all kinds

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What is craft beer?

Craft beer is an individually-brewed batch of beer. That means beer from smaller-scale, usually independent breweries, rather than big corporates with huge industrial production lines. The

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How is beer made?

One of humankind’s finest creations, this humble drink has been made throughout human history by all kinds of folks, from monasteries to mega-conglomerates. But it’s

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Beer guides

IPA: Often seen, often misunderstood. The world of IPA is a varied one, with an evolving palette of flavours…

All beers are either lagers or ales, meaning there’s quite a wide range of beers in this category…

Dark, rich, creamy, and smooth. Stouts are guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds…

A definition for the curious: all beers are either ale or lager. So ‘ale’ is a very broad category of drink indeed…

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