Giving the gift of beer: the weirdest and best beer gifts ever

Beer. It’s the best gift you could ever give. Probably.

As we approach the festive season and start to feel more charitable, it’s a good time to think about what kind of gifts we can get for the important people in our life – especially the beer lovers. 

From fun beer tat to multimillion-pound treats, there’s a world of beer gifts out there (and closer to home). Let’s see what you can add to your basket for your dearly beloved beer-loving besties.

Bits and bobs

Beer is the most important drink of the day, and breakfast is the most important meal. So you could combine the two (in a healthy way) with beer flavoured jam. Toast will never be the same again.

To add a little Nordic drama to their pint, you could always get a Viking-style beer horn with its own wooden stand. For the everyday beer? Maybe not. But for a special occasion where they can stand on the table and honour Odin, why not? Make sure they grow a beard first. 

And for the enthusiast, the completionist, the hobbyist, a 100 craft beer bucket list poster might come in handy for tracking an epic journey through the world of beer. . 

For the really ambitious ones, a copy of ‘1001 Beers you Must Try Before You Die’ will keep the calendar full for a while. Pair that with a ‘1001 films you must see before you die’ book and that’s a few years (and beers) of their life accounted for. There’s always our very own lager-scented candle: yes, you read that right. We use the ingredients of our lager to create this sweet-smelling candle-in-a-can. Nice!

Beer Clothes

If drinking beer is a beer-lovers’ favourite activity, then talking about beer is their second favourite. And what better way to find like-minded friends to talk beer with than to make their love known through clothes? 

Socks are always a winner for the gift-giver lacking in ideas, but beer-themed socks are sure to go down like a cold session ale.  

Aprons are another staple of haute couture for the beer enthusiast. You can find beer-themed aprons all over the place. Cheeky slogans such as “beer makes everything better” or “I like my water with hops and barley” will show everyone at the barbecue just how much of a craft connoisseur they are. Same goes for shirts – from “it’s beer o’clock somewhere” to “wish you were beer”, the puns just go on and on.

As far as headwear goes, you can’t go wrong with the classic novelty beer hat. A plastic helmet, two beer can holders, and a straw connecting both of them. Perfect for dads and lads. This one’s got a megaphone attached – what could possibly go wrong? (If you’re looking for slightly classier beer hats, head to our Seven Brothers gift shop!)

Book them on a beer trip

Sure, brewery tours are always a good time, especially if you get to taste along the way. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not buy them a ticket to the beer capitals of the world? 

You could start by hitting up some of the world’s finest beer destinations – Munich, Prague, and Dublin come to mind for a start. In Munich you’d be daft to miss Oktoberfest. Every October the city hosts a massive beer festival over the course of a few weeks. 7.5 million litres of beer are sipped (or chugged) alongside the best wurst you’ll ever taste. 

You could even send them on craft beer tours in Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai or North Carolina. There’s a whole world of beer out there. A little closer to home: Salford! We run our own brewery tours which would make for a cracking prezzie and you can always insist that you’re brought along too!

Get them brewing at home

Many a pub goer has stared into their pint at some point and thought to themselves, “I reckon I could do this”. While we’d obviously respond “It’s not that easy!” you don’t have to aim to open a brewpub to make your own beer. 


Home brew kits are pretty popular these days, and don’t cost a huge amount of money for the determined amateur to run a few ale experiments in their garage. These aren’t bathtub moonshine operations – they’re proper hobby kits that can make a decent, if not pub-quality, beer. And the process isn’t too complicated either – you’ll need to find some containers and bottles yourself, but the kits usually contain sealing equipment, thermometers, yeasts, and guides on how to use them. Some can even be used to make wine and cider too.

You can gift a home brew beer kit for around £30 – 60 – here’s a good guide on what’s available.

Or buy them a brewery

If you’ve got a hefty stack of coin that’s waiting to be spent, you could always buy them an actual brewery. Plenty of businesses are put up for sale when the owners want to move on to pastures new – some even end up on eBay. You could go for a small one-man microbrewery in an industrial park from £60,000 to an entire brewpub brand with 80 staff for about £3 million. Then again, someone would have to get their hands dirty and run the business. Remember, a brewery’s for life – not just for Christmas.

We are, of course, pleased to offer our own range of Seven Brothers beer gifts. We’ve got premium-quality beanie hats, bottle openers, beer-scented candles, and growlers. And beer, obviously. 

You can get gift packs of our Seven Brothers classics, containing tall-boy cans and a Seven Brothers pint glass. We’ve also got gift packs of our limited edition brews such as the upcycled Kellogg’s collaborations (Throw Away IPA, Cast Off Pale Ale, and Sling It Out Stout). And if you’re not sure what your recipient might choose, you can get them an e-gift voucher to use in the online shop. Why not have a browse?

Happy gifting!

Keith McAvoy

Keith McAvoy


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