Investor Update – July

Hi Everyone

Thank you for all your support with our raise, we appreciate it so much.
If you have already invested in this round thank you so so much, if you’re thinking about investing then we’re just letting you know that today (9th July) is the last day of the raise. 


Huge Thanks 
Everyone here at SEVEN BRO7HERS appreciates all the support you have given us over the years. 
The funds raised in this round will ensure we proceed full throttle with the plans to open 2 more Beerhouses in the next 6 months. Liverpool is moving at a fast pace and contractors are being appointed this week – Leeds is agreed and ready for the planning of interior layouts. 

We’ll keep you updated in the coming months with our progress and any new things as they happen

Best Regards, 


Keith McAvoy

Keith McAvoy


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