Well, it’s been an eventful few weeks at SEVEN BRO7HERS, and after getting particularly inspired for the future, but returning with a few sore heads from a team away day at a certain beer trade show in Sheffield, we realised it was probably about time to give you all an update about what we’ve been cooking up!

We’ve been super busy at work in SEVEN BRO7HERS HQ trying to keep up with orders for our IPA (which at the minute is flying out the door), and also cooking up a few new recipes for you all. Hopefully some of you have had chance to try on our Trial Tap and Trial Cask at the BEERHOUSE, but if not then make sure you ask the staff what’s on next time you’re in, because we’ve got some BIG stuff coming up in the next few weeks!

The first of our Trial Beers was released back in late December, and although we’ve been tweaking the recipe a little since then, it was so popular I suppose it’s about time we announce it properly… we’ll be releasing our ‘Lager’ to the core range in the next couple of weeks! This was the first time we’d ever brewed this type of beer (for those of you not in the know, to ‘lager’ a beer means to mature it at 0 degrees for a long time, so it ended up taking nearly 6 weeks from brew day to kegging), but we think it’s tasting great, and we’re looking forward to taking loads of orders as soon as we get the artwork back!

After the success of the ‘Lager’ (and of the Trial Tap in general), we started putting in some more experimental brews in the schedule that we’ve wanted to do for a while, and they’ll being to be released over the course of the next couple of months. Next on the Tap should be our Honeydew Melon DIPA (which is tasting banging – full of freshly juiced Organic Fruit, and New Zealand Hops!) and after that is our first stab at making a sour beer (because all the staff in the brewery have become a little obsessed with drinking them!) which is being bottled and kegged today, and is due out in another couple of months once it’s continued souring a bit more.

Outside of the Trial Tap Keg beers, we’ve also been experimenting with some cask additions, to see if we could come up with a flavour combination to add to a full brew of a ‘Brown Ale’ for a future brew. We have 12 ‘Trial Cask’ Brown Ales going on at the bar over the next three weeks, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pint be thankful, because there’s only 1 cask of each, so if you missed it, we’re sorry! The flavour combinations we’re trailing this time are:

Banana and Date Brown Ale:                    4g Cascade Hop, 1 Banana, 6 Dates

Coffee Brown Ale:                                      50g Nicaraguan Arabica Coffee Beans

Coconut and Kiwi Brown Ale:                    50g Toasted Coconut Shavings, 2 whole Kiwis

Bay Leaf Brown Ale:                                    10g Cascade Hop, 30 Bay Leaves

Pineapple Brown Ale:                                  15g Cascade Hop, 100g Pineapple

Chocolate Mandarin Brown Ale:                 50g Organic Cacao Nibs, 1 x Mandarin

Tropical Brown Ale:                                     100g Pineapple, 50g Toasted Coconut Shavings, 15g Cascade Hop

Pear Brown Ale:                                            1 x Conference Pear

Mocha Brown Ale:                                        50g Nicaraguan Arabica Coffee Beans, 75g Organic Cacao Nibs (already been drunk by us, sorry!)

Dry Hopped Brown Ale:                              50g Cascade Hop

Lemon Brown Ale:                                        1 x Lemon, 15g Cascade Hop

Chili Brown Ale:                                            5 x Birdseye Chilies


Outside of all of this lovely brewing talk, we’ve also finally taken receipt of some of our new POS and beer mats (featuring some interesting facts found scouring through the Guinness Book of Records for a full day), and we’ve finally had our van signed back up, so if you see Danny (‘Director of Logistics’, or Drayman and brewery assistant to you and me) then make sure you angrily beep at him congratulate him on his excellent driving! – Mats – Van


And finally, we’ve some fairly exciting news; our team is growing as we’ve hired a new brewery team member who’ll be starting with us inside the next month, but we’ll do a full profile on them when they officially join! That’s about your lot for now, so hopefully we’ll see you over a pint of ‘Trial’ beer soon!



Guy, Keith, Luke, Dan, Nat, Kit, Greg

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