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So the new year is in full swing and we have already brewed 4 new special one off beers, including our first collaboration of the year, a massively aromatic Equanot and Mosaic Pale ale, with the
amazing Electric Bear Brewing Co. As I mentioned in my last blog, this year (2018) it’s all about the beer, and so we have come up with a plan to brew 2 special beers each month as well as a collaboration every 2 months, and you’ll be glad to hear we’re currently right on track! Our core beers that we have worked so hard to perfect over the last few years are still in full production as usual and soon our IPA, Session and Watermelon Wheat Beer will be available in cans on a limited basis and stocked in local Booths Stores. We are really excited about this, and we feel it will be a nice introduction to our beers being in cans on a more permanent basis when we hopefully receive our much anticipated canning machine later on in the year.

Since the start of the year Head Brewer Jack’s creative brain has been working on overdrive and we have created 4 new beers that are now available at our Beerhouse. An Equanot Oatmeal Pale Ale, A
Citra Tablebeer, Marshmallow Stout and our second delve into creating amazing high abv beers, our Imperial Salted Butter Caramel Milk Stout. The stout was a real winner at this years Craft Beer Rising Festival in London and we feel that it’s so good that it should join our DIPA in our permanent Offspring range so keep an eye out!

The 2 special beers we have in the schedule for this month are a Honeycome Pale ale and a Pilsner. Jimmys bar in the Northern Quarter Manchester has been a very popular destination for craft beer lovers since it opened its doors late last year, and the owners have kindly asked us to brew the Honeycomb Pale to add to their list of beers on offer, and we are really excited to see how this one turns out! The Pilsner will be the first such type of beer we will brew and we have decided to ease ourselves in and use a classic noble hop in conjunction with a more modern New Zealand hop to give a us a Bohemian Pilsner flavour profile with a more modern hop aroma!

We have some really interesting beer ideas for April such as a Pistachio Rye IPA and a New Zealand Double IPA. The double IPA in particular is getting us just as excited as we were with the
Imperial Stout, and we’ve decided to give this beer a New Zealand edge by packing 5 different hops from this part of the world into this 10% beer. We aren’t messing around here, and everything will
be as it should. Double the ABV, double the hops, and double the aroma 🙂 It will be massively juicy with citrus flavours and tropical aromas and be fermented using the Vermont ale yeast we are
cultivating as I type this! We have also pencilled in our second collaboration of the year which will be brewed next month with the new kids on the block Pomona Island Brewing Co. These guys are
brewing some fantastic pale ales using our old brewkit in good old Unit 33 after they bought it off us about 6 months ago. One thing is for sure, neither of us will have to travel far for this one!
Head Brewer James and I have just been talking and we are thinking of brewing a special IPA at around 7% using our freshly cultivated Vermont Yeast. Ideal for spring drinking.

Now that we are experimenting a lot more I will aim to write a blog each month to keep you updated on our progress and the new and exciting ideas we have for future beers.


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