Award Winning Seven BRO7HERS

Award Winning Seven BRO7HERS

We know our beers are good but it’s always nice to get the recognition for the passion we put into creating our beers…

Here’s a toast to our most recent awards:

In April, our Pilsner won a Silver Medal in the London Beer Competition!

"Well balanced with soft red fruit flavors followed by bright orange peel aromas and a nice creaminess on the palate. This lager is both refreshing and full of herbaceous and citrus flavours".


Our award winning Pilsner in a pint glass.

Try Pilsner for yourself.

Following that success, we were double award winners at Europe’s most important beer competition... The European Beer Challenge 2021!

Thousands of samples from 39 countries fought head to head to be named top dogs in the industry by beer buyers.

We are proud to be be named among the best! Winning a GOLD award for our Honeycomb Pale Ale...and a DOUBLE GOLD for our Watermelon Wheat Beer!

Our Honeycomb Pale Ale is golden pale ale with a sweet honey flavour - it's sweet as a nut, literally. It’s a Crunchie in a can – a golden, heavenly treat.

Our award winning Honeycomb Pale 


“Most of  the time I spend at the brewery is full-throttle graft, and the biggest part of that is dealing with the beer (or beers) at hand, then moving straight on to the next one when they’re ready to go out the door. Dialling them in, getting them in spec, packaging and fulfilling orders can be stressful at times, but hearing that all of our hard work is appreciated really highlights why we do this job in the first place; making great beer to be enjoyed by everyone. Winning awards has never been a massive focus of mine. We hold ourselves to our own standards and would hate to become complacent, but it’s great to have something hanging on the wall, or sitting in the office, that you can glance at every now and again and know you’re getting it right.” - Jack, Head Brewer

Our delicious Watermelon Wheat Beer is the taste of summer all year round, this wheat beer is liberal with the fruit. A fresh watermelon infusion with strawberry and pineapple hop aromas bringing up the rear. Lush.

No wonder it's a double gold winner.

Our award winning Watermelon Wheat Beer.


BRO7HER Keith, Founder & CEO of SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO. responded to our recent victories:

‘Both the Honeycomb Pale and the Watermelon Wheat Beer are two of our favourite beers, especially the Watermelon Wheat Beer.  This beer took us more than a year to perfect – trial after trial and we couldn’t get it exactly as we wanted but eventually after months of research from BRO7HER Greg our Tech Brewer we nailed it.  It’s gone on to become an all-time favourite for thousands across the country’.

Alison, our Head of Marketing, also spoke about our award winning beers, as well as the exciting upcoming year for our company... 

1) How does it feel to have won not only one, but two Gold (double) Awards for your beers?

Amazing! After such a tough year it is so good to have happy news! Our beers are brewed with passion by our team and to receive such recognition for this is an honour.

2) Was this the first time Seven Bro7hers had entered a beer to be judged at the European Beer Challenge?

We have previously entered the European beer awards with our Pilsner which won silver.

3) What was it that made the Honeycomb and the Watermelon Wheat Beer stand out to you as your best chance of winning?

They are firm fan favourites and team favourites too. We get a lot of feedback on them via social media and beer lover groups.

4) Will you be entering into the competition again next year? Any idea which products you'll be submitting next time?

Yes we certainly will. We are working on new beers all the time so will see which categories suit us next year.

5) Would you say that Seven Bro7hers was been impacted at all by the Covid-19 pandemic and numerous lockdown? If so, in what ways?

The pandemic has affected our team, business and plans but by working together and keeping a positive outlook we are back and ready to embrace the change and new possibilities that were created during the lockdown. Our online sales were a huge success as well as increased retail sales.

6) How have Seven Bro7hers combatted/adapted to the problems caused by the pandemic? As a company, do you feel back on your feet?

We are grateful to have come through the pandemic in a strong position to still move forward with future plans. It has been a really tough time for the F&B and hospitality industry but by pivoting and pulling together as a team as well as being able to get government support we are ready to move forward positively.

7) What's next for Seven Bro7hers? Any new contests/competitions? New flavours coming soon?

We have 2 new beers launching in the next few weeks and plans for further seasonal specials throughout the year. We have just opened our new beerhouse at Media City on 17th May which is extremely exciting and is going down a treat! Our bar at Manchester Airport is next and then Liverpool is planned for a July opening. As for beer competitions, unfortunately due to the pandemic not all competitions are taking place this year so we will look ahead to 2022. Not only have our beers received awards, we were also named among the 2020 global winners for this year's 'LUXlife Magazine Food & Drink Awards’ for ‘Best Family Run Craft Beer Brewery’.


Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support - here's to a year of continued successes. Cheers! 🍻

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