Our Family

We are SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWERY. The gateway brewery to craft beer. We brew and sell beer to those wanting to leave behind tasteless lagers for craft beer full of flavour, but struggle with confusing branding. We aspire to make your entry into the craft beer world fun and easy by being ‘clear with beer‘.

Coming from a big family, our owners (who are actually seven brothers) have instilled an ethos of hard work, fairness and adventure into all areas of the business. We aim to push boundaries and create an environment that brings out the best in everyone.

We collaborate with companies such as Kellogg’s who share our values of bringing people together by creating good quality, flavoursome products for you to enjoy.

Here at SEVEN BRO7HERS we hope that you’ll join the family in our journey to overcome the barriers that make it difficult to learn about and experience true craft beer.

the beer family


    Brother No.1

    Project and estate manager: makes sure things happen in the right way at the right time and in the right place.


    Brother No.2

    Commercial and business strategy: sets the vision, monitors the spreadsheets and oversees marketing.


    Brother No.3

    IT and systems: the smooth-running of our operation relies on our technology, and our technology relies on Luke.

  • Dan McAvoy

    Brother No.4

    Warehouse and operations: the buildings and how they work - both brewery and beerhouse. Tip top. Always.

  • Nathan McAvoy

    Brother No.5

    Planning and selling: what we produce, how much we produce and getting it into people’s glasses.

  • Kit McAvoy

    Brother No.6

    Head of Export: steering our beer around the globe.

  • Greg McAvoy

    Brother No.7

    The brewer: makes the beer, invents the new beer, tweaks the beer, perfects the beer… does the beer, basically.

  • Hayley

    Sister No.2

    Production Director at SIS4ERS DISTILLERY

  • Charlotte

    Head of Production

  • Jack

    Head Brewer

  • Joe

    Lead Technical Brewer

  • Harry

    Brewer & Social Media Icon

  • James


  • Jimmy

    Canning & Packaging

  • Robert

    Canning & Packaging

  • Jordan

    Bar Area Manager

  • Aidan

    Ancoats General Manager

  • Josh

    Middlewood General Manager

  • Mike

    Media City General Manager

  • Toni

    Box On The Docks and Community/Events Manager

  • Samantha

    Design & Marketing Manager

  • Sam

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Francesca

    Creative Marketing Executive

  • Sophie

    Marketing Assistant

  • Nina

    Events & Marketing Coordinator

  • Meg

    Head Distiller at SIS4ERS Distillery

  • Ryan

    Warehouse & Distribution Manager

  • Oliver

    Assistant Management Accountant

  • Maisie

    Accounts Assistant