The Ultimate SEVEN BRO7HERS Guide to Beer & Pancake Pairing

The Ultimate SEVEN BRO7HERS Guide to Beer & Pancake Pairing

Pancake Day is finally here!

You may not typically think of pairing your pancakes with a pint but, really, whatever does an ice cold beer NOT go with?

Whatever your choice of topping, we've got a brew just for you!

So let's kick off with an absolute classic...

Lemon & Sugar

A can of Sweet Dreams with some pancakes.

Although perfect on its own, you really want to enhance that citrus and we thought best to do that was our Sweet Dreams DIPA.

This 9% DIPA is a sweet dream. Perfectly punched up ABV, with additions of hops offering a citrus, floral undertone gives this beer all you have ever dreamed of.

This beer is perfect for bringing out the tart lemon as well as bumping up the sweetness of the sugar!

Chocolate/ Hazelnut Spread

A can of Honeycomb with some pancakes.

You can’t beat a bit of melted gooey chocolate on a steaming hot pancake! We’re really treating you with this one with two perfect pairings…

The first being our Honeycomb Pale Ale, the most delicious sweet treat to indulge in with your chocolatey pancake. A golden pale ale with a sweet honey flavour to enhance the chocolatey, nutty flavours of the spread.

An alternative to really give you that extra hit of richness is our Chocolate Honeycomb Stout - the dark malts truly bring out the Honeycomb and Chocolate notes.

Strawberries & Cream/ Ice Cream

A can of Sour Dreams with pancakes.

For this fresh topping, we have two options once again. Our classic crisp Pilsner is a clean and refreshing craft lager which cleanses the palate, complimenting the freshness of the strawberries and cream.

However we thought we would push the boat out and put forward our Sour Dreams Fruited Sour as the front runner for this topping. This mango and blackberry sour cuts through the sweetness and creaminess and balances all the flavours out flawlessly.

Banana and/or Blueberry

A cna of Hoppy Pale with some pancakes.

Onto a lighter choice of toppings now if you prefer a healthier pancake accompaniment. The rule of thumb is the riper the bananas, the hoppier you can go with the beer.

That’s why we feel there’s no better choice than our Session Pale for this one. This thirst-quenching session pale ale has serious citrus chops. Refreshing and then some, it’s got all the tropical wallop you want to compliment the sweet banana and slightly tart blueberries.

Bacon/ Maple Syrup

A can of Amber Lager with some pancakes.

More of a savoury lover than a sweet tooth? There’s no better pairing for smoky, savoury bacon than our Amber Lager. (This product is discontinued, why not try our Helles instead?)

This is crisp, light lager that delivers a proper flavour punch – malty and sweet with a dry lip-smacking finish. If you want lager with substance you’ve found it. The perfect companion for bacon with the maple syrup drizzle being heightened by the maltiness of the lager.

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