Meet The Brewer, Q&A with Jack

Meet The Brewer, Q&A with Jack

We sat down with our Head Brewer, Jack to talk all things craft beer. See what he had to say about working in the craft beer industry and what the best part of being a brewer at is.

How long have you been brewing for?

I think I'm in my 9th or 10th year brewing now.

What attracted you to brewing?

I got into it because I just love beer. I was really into cask ales at the time and then the move into craft beer kind of happened after I'd dipped my toes into the brewing industry.

What was your favourite SEVEN BRO7HERS beer when you started?

It was probably the IPA, which is now Easy IPA or the Hoppy Pale, which is now Session. A nice sessionable pale.

What is your favourite now?

Definitely Helles, for sure. A bright, golden lager with a nutty sweetness to it. A classic!

What is the most overhyped beer style?

Overhyped is a tough one for beer because if it's a good beer, no matter what style it is, it's going to be good. The annoying thing comes from the people hyping it, rather than the beer itself. It's never the beer's fault. If it's good beer, it's good beer!

What is the most under-hyped beer style?

I think for brewer's generally, we kind of get into more lagers and stuff like that after you've been hopped out for a while. I still think session pales are underrated. There's a few bangers out there, where they're bringing the ABV down with more complex flavours, rather than loads of booze. I like that kind of thing really.

What is the best thing about being a brewer?

Being able to do what you love. Making beer, tangible things like the industry is generally full of interesting, good people as well. I'd say the people is the best thing.

What is the worst thing about being a brewer?

I think it's a pretty sweet gig, so I don't know, that's a tough one. I think you hear a lot of the same jokes like 'do you need any tasters?' or 'have you got any free samples?' anything like that is pretty annoying. I think being part of an industry that you really care about means you stress a bit more about things. You can't just go home and instantly just not really care about it. You put your all into it and that can be quite taxing. But it's a good thing all in all, I'm not complaining!

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