Canning Line 3.0

Canning Line 3.0

This week we celebrated a huge milestone at the brewery. Something that we've been looking forward to and working towards for a few months now. We have a brand new canning line!

This essentially means we can package our delicious craft beer as fresh as possible, much faster and in much greater volumes. Greg, pictured, brother number 7 and the youngest of the brothers, has been hard at work putting the graft in to get the new canning line installed.

This new canning line is our third since starting the brewery in 2014. Beginning with a 3 head filler, then onto a 5 head, and now to a Counter pressure 10 head filling machine. The previous two machines have been quite labour intensive having to manually load all of the cans. Our brand new machine comes with a can depaletiser, meaning the speed increases massively.

Our main issues at the brewery have been packaging as we’re not able to empty a Fermentation Vessel (FV) in a day when doing a full canning run. This is where our main bottleneck occurs. The new machine will be 3 times as fast allowing us to empty an FV in less than a day, maybe even 2 in a day! This has huge benefits, meaning we’re able to brew more, up to 50 more times a year to be precise.

This is massive in terms of output and allows us to keep up with demand as we expand into more supermarkets. With our aim to be available in every supermarket in the country, this new canning line comes at the perfect time.

It’s been a long time in planning to get this machine in place and we’re almost there. Within 2 weeks it will be fully commission and operational. Here's to more craft beer easily accessible to more people.

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