Session West Coast IPA - Midnight Drive

Session West Coast IPA - Midnight Drive

Dreaming of the West Coast?

Crack a can open of our new Session West Coast IPA, Midnight Drive. With delicious floral and citrus notes coupled with an Amber, bright hue, it is everything you love from a West Coast IPA but highly sessionable.

West Coast IPAs are traditionally known for their bold hop aroma, high bitterness and citrus and piney notes and flavours. West coast IPAs highlight bitterness over everything whereas East Coast IPAs maintain a balance between malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness.

The Vienna and Crystal in the grist provide a pleasant malt character and a bright orange/amber hue, a classic mix of Chinook, Columbus, Centennial and Cascade hops give the citrus/floral note with pine and resinous undertones.

Midnight Drive is 4.5% abv, combining these two styles, making it an easy-drinking experience. It’s available in 440ml cans, on draught at our beerhouses and kegs.

Midnight Drive is unfortunately now out of stock.

Keep an eye out for our next beer release...

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