We are so delighted to announce to you all that we are set to merge with FOUR SIS4ERS DISTILLERY.

A photo of the four sisters with 2 of the brothers

"We have recently decided to merge with SIS4ERS DISTILLERY. We always knew we would become a single entity and the timing is perfect to do so now" - Keith McAvoy, CEO

The link-up will put all of us 11 McAvoy siblings under one commercial roof, a move that allows customers and consumers access to a ‘one stop’ shop for craft beer, gin and rum.

Inspired by our father’s home-brewing, the brewery was founded in 2014 by us McAvoy brothers, Guy, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Nathan, Kit, and Greg. Following this, our sisters; Kerry Collins, Hayley Robinson, Kate Haslam, and Lucy White decided they wanted in on the action and launched SIS4ERS Distillery in 2018. The merger will make us home to largest alcohol family in the industry, worldwide!

A photo of the seven brothers at the brewery.

Keith McAvoy, CEO of SEVEN BRO7HERS said: “Our sisters have built a brilliant portfolio of delicious, unique gins and rums unlike others in the marketplace. We believe with the right branding strategy and access to our fantastic network; we will be able to grow the business and get the products in front of new buyers. We are excited to be under one roof. Family is the foundation of our business, so it is fantastic to bring the sisters into our fold. Now you really can #jointhefamily, drink and serve the full family collection of amazing beers and spirits.”

Lucy White of SIS4ERS DISTILLERY, said: “The merger feels like a natural progression for our business. The brothers have had great success taking the brewery from inhouse webshop to store and we can’t wait to see where that wealth of experience takes the FOUR SIS4ERS brand.”

The four sisters.

We are so excited for this next chapter and we can not wait to share it with you all who continue to support us.

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements to follow soon...

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