Sweet And Sour Dreams | Two Beer Launch Special

Sweet And Sour Dreams | Two Beer Launch Special

Double the beer, double the trouble!

Introducing our latest additions to the family, SWEET DREAMS & SOUR DREAMS. These two beers are BRO7HERS!

Cans of Sweet & Sour Dreams with fruit surrounding.

The concept is using the same mash for two different beers, instead of sending sweet sugary delicious wort down the drain. We start by mashing in the DIPA, a big, hearty grain bill that we’re mixing with hot water to release sugars. Long story short, the more grain, the more sugar, the more alcohol. That’s how we’re reaching 9% ABV on this beer.

After we’ve mashed, we sparge the grains (basically shower them with hot water) which, amongst other things, rinses off the sugars from the grains as we collect the wort in the kettle. As the grain bill on this beer is so big and sugary, we manage to sparge the grains twice to make two very different beers! 

Sweet Dreams | Double IPA | 9.0% ABV

A can of Sweet Dreams with a glass poured next to it.

This 9% DIPA is a Sweet Dream. A perfectly punched up ABV, with additions of hops offering a citrus, floral undertone that gives this beer all you have ever dreamed of.

Try Sweet Dreams for yourself now.

Sour Dreams | Mango & Blackberry Sour | 4.0% ABV

A can of Sour Dreams with a glass poured next to it surrounded by fruit.

A deliciously fruity blackberry and mango sour that will send your taste buds into a Sour Dream. Tart but sessionable with a sweet, fruity edge.

Grab Sour Dreams now.

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