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welcome to the seven series

This year is our 7th Birthday (yay) so to celebrate we are counting down until the day with 7 beers. One every single month. 

Each beer is curated by a Bro7her. They will create the beer of their dreams with no limitations, create the recipe (along side our incredible brew team), help brew the beer and be there every step of the way to perfect their dream beer. 

it's our seventh birthday!

It has been a hell of a 7 years – here is a look back down memory lane at 7 years of us and how we got to where we are today

seven series
05 / keith


From Oslo with love – Keith’s time in Oslo was the inspiration behind this Kveik style IPA. Skål!

7% ABV / IPA / 440ML

seven series
04 / luke


May the force be with our fourth beer in the series – inspired by Luke’s love for Star Wars & desserts. This sticky toffee pudding & custard pale ale is out of this world..

7% ABV / PALE ALE / 440ML

seven series
03 / DAN

humble pie

Meet our third 7 Series beer – inspired by country walks with his family and foraging for herbs and fruit. This Pear, blackberry and nettle wheat beer is something truly special.


seven series
02 / nathan

depth charge

Meet our second 7 Series beer – inspired by Nathan’s favourite beer style, red IPA, and his dessert loving sweet tooth – we bring you his Raspberry Ripple IPA. A hoppy, bold RIPA charged with raspberry & lactose, leading to a raspberry ripple explosion.

7% ABV / RED IPA / 440ML

seven series
01 / kit


Have you ever had peanut butter on a Jaffa Cake? Thank me later.  This Stout beer is the result of a revelation I had when I was a kid.  

People still ask why to this day, until they’ve tried it.

7% ABV / STOUT / 440ML


The concept behind the SEVEN SERIES.

watch the story behind beer 01

Learn more about this brew,
why Kit chose the ingredients he did and 
the SEVEN SERIES project.

watch the story behind beer 02

Learn a bit more about Nathan and his love for Raspberry Ripple and Red IPA.

watch the story behind beer 03

Learn more about this brew,
why Dan wanted to create this unique beer!

watch the story behind beer 04

It’s time for Luke’s beer to take the spotlight – Starwars meets Sticky Toffee!

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